Do about 20 reps for each move, complete as many sets as you want, as long as you’re keeping proper form! Also, use a pair of paper plates, if you’re on carpet, or rags if you’re on a wood or linoleum floor.

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Having a fitblr is such great motivation. Reblog this if you’re an active fitblr and I will follow you, you will get tons of followers!!


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Willpower needs to find it’s way to me.

I was wrong. I CAN’T do this. I can’t lose twenty more pounds. I can’t drink nothing but water. I can’t eat nothing but fruits & veggies. I can’t workout. 

At least that’s how I feel 89% of the damn time.

Can you really blame me, though? I mean, REALLY blame me?

I have tried several different diet pills, diet programs, etc. I did Insanity workouts for a month, and didn’t lose any weight with that, though I did get a little toned in my legs. I have been taking HealtheTrim for almost two freaking weeks now, and have only lost like, ONE pound. I lost 2.5 the first day, but that was only from the cleanse pills that came with it. I gained a pound back the day afterwards and have been stuck since. The first week I did great, consumption-wise. But, the scale wasn’t showing a difference, so I ‘gave up’ & now feel like a complete failure yet again.

What is wrong with me??? 

Poopers. (wrote this randomly a few weeks ago)

I am about to come to the realization that I’m not destined to lose anymore weight.
That I am meant to be a chubby girl, like the rest of the family. Well, for the most part.
There’s still the lucky, skinny ones with fast metabolisms. Whatevs. Guess I should just embrace it & accept it.

I’ll never be pretty.
I’ll never be hot.
I’ll never be toned & skinny.

I hate myself. So much… 

Sad, I know. But, here’s the truth…

If I didn’t hate puking so much, I would be bulimic. 
I would be shoving my fingers down my throat to piss off my gag reflex & let the stomach acid just pour out of me.

I wish I wasn’t such a pansy when it comes to that. I know I would be skinny by now if I could just summon up the courage to make myself barf.

I hate saying it. But, it’s true. I don’t foresee myself ever succumbing to this, because like I said- I cannot stand puking. It’s the worst feeling ever.

And, I can’t do the whole anorexia thing because I love food too much. Plus, I have a kid to take care of, so feeling light-headed & dizzy all day with absolutely no energy wouldn’t exactly make me mother-of-the-year, now would it?
God. I want to be skinny & pretty.
I want to be happy.

Don’t I deserve that?

I don’t want to struggle every single day with my weight anymore.
I don’t want to base my happiness off of what a stupid scale says.

Maybe, somedayyyy…. 

Tiffy’s back, back. Back again.

Alrighty, folks. Been awhile since I’ve been on this here site. 
I’m back, and hopefully this time ‘for good’. BUT, this time around it isn’t JUST about weight-loss, or as I titled that section of the blog, ‘Get Skinny!’.
Now, I WILL still be posting about weight-loss, don’t get me wrong. I might even post MORE about weight-loss than anything else. But, if you’re interested [or bored] enough, you’ll read whatever. At least I do. Lol.

I have a list written down of several things I want to write about. Hopefully I can get to it asap, and have several blogs typed out on here within the next few days. ‘Cause, ya know, you all are just DYING to hear practical nonsense about my life, right? NOT.

The Bitchin’ Bee portion of this will be mostly, well… Bitchin’! But, I am generally a very jolly girl. So, I will also be posting a lot of happy, positive, upbeat blogs. :)
I just feel as though blogging about annoyances will help free my soul of bad shit I need to let out.

Kay, talk at ‘cha laterrrrz.

                                                                              <3, Tiff. 

Hai guise! I’m back.

I was without a computer for a good while, so I wasn’t able to post.

I started the Insanity program a little over a week ago and have already noticed some small changes & results!
I also lost that pesky pound. Now, to lose two more so I will be under 170!
Gonna aim to lose that this week.



Although I have been so bloated lately, and haven’t lost anymore weight, yesterday the compliments were just pouring in.

Granted they were from relatives of mine, they meant if full-heartedly.

My husband’s aunt, my brother, my cousin, my aunt & my Grammie all were asking how much weight I have lost again, or saying ‘Wow, you look so much smaller’. My brother & Grammie just saw me last week, so that really made my day. :) 

March 15th!

Breakfast: None.
Lunch: Chow Mein Kung Pao Chicken
Snack: Fiber Bar, couple handfuls of Goldfish
Dinner: Not yet.
Drinks: Water, & Arizona Blueberry White Tea

For dinner I am going to force myself to eat sliced cucumbers, carrots, & lite ranch on the side. And, maybe some grapes & blackberries if that doesn’t satisfy me.
Since we have leftovers my husband can eat.

And, I WILL do at least 100 sit-ups. :)

I joined them not too long ago, but hadn’t logged on since, because they said according to my BMI I was obese. That really upset me so I didn’t even bother getting back on. Lol. 

The other day I decided to try it out again. I have lost 20 pounds from when I first joined, and now am in the ‘overweight’ category, which I am already aware of.

ANYWAY, I am so in love with the site now. You enter in every thing you eat, and it keeps track of the calories and whatnot. And, you enter in the exercises and workouts you did that day, and it configures how many you of those calories you burned. :)

I LOVE IT, so much.

I also just started taking Chia seeds yesterday. I’m hoping they work well for me.


Breakfast: Apples & Cinnamon Oatmeal.
Lunch: Grapes, blackberries, and a slice of toast with Nutella.
Dinner: [not sure yet]
Snacks: Fiber bar, goldfish crackers [maybe]
Drinks: Water!